Publications of the POLINQ Political Inequality project

Books on Political Inequality

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Guest Edited Issues of Academic Journals on Political Inequality

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Articles on Political Inequality

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Data to Analyze Political Inequality

Dubrow, Joshua K.; Lavrinenko, Olga: POLINQ-Participation: Political Inequality of Voice [data]. Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Polish Academy of Sciences [producer], Warsaw, 2021. PADS22001. Polskie Archiwum Danych Społecznych [distributor], Repozytorium Danych Społecznych [publisher], 2022., V1

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East European Parliamentarian and Candidate Data (EAST PaC) for Poland, Hungary, and Ukraine, 1985–2015. Version 2.0. Funded by Poland’s National Science Centre (decision number 2012/05/E/HS6/03556).

Book Chapters on Political Inequality

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