Books on Political Inequality from the POLINQ Project

Political Inequality in an Age of Democracy: Cross-national Perspectives

Edited by Joshua Kjerulf Dubrow (2015) Routledge: Advances in Sociology

This book addresses the present and future of the concept of political inequality from multi-disciplinary and cross-national perspectives. It is comprised of nine theoretical, methodological and empirical chapters by social scientists from Latin America, Eastern Europe, Greece and the U.S.

Gender Quotas in the Post-Communist World: Voice of the Parliamentarians

Edited by Joshua K. Dubrow and Adrianna Zabrzewska (2020) IFiS Publishers

This is a sourcebook on gender quotas in nations that experienced multiple generations of Communist Party rule. We built the book from a variety of sources and disciplines for use in research, teaching, and activism. Among other sources, this book includes, for the first time, an English language translation of the entire parliamentarian debate in Poland’s Sejm on the proposed gender quota law in 2010.

Gender, Voice, and Violence in Poland: Women’s Protests during the Pandemic

Edited by Adrianna Zabrzewska & Joshua K. Dubrow (2022) IFiS Publishers

This sourcebook presents the voices of activists, politicians, and academics on the 2020 protests in Poland after the Polish Constitutional Tribunal’s ruling that tightened already severe restrictions on abortion. Sources include press conferences, interviews, public speeches, and parliamentary committees and debates, translated into English and commented on by Polish feminist scholars. The book is designed to generate insights into the relationship between inequality, street protest, institutions, and violence, for use in research, teaching, journalism, and activism.