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  • President Obama on Money in Politics

    President Obama on Money in Politics

    The influence of money in politics continues to undermine American democracy. Despite former President Obama’s well-intentioned efforts to tackle this pervasive problem, his administration’s attempts fell short.  We explore Obama’s fight against the corrupting power of money in politics, including the various initiatives he championed and the obstacles he faced, such as the Citizens United…

  • Democracy and Economic Inequality

    Democracy and Economic Inequality

    Why does economic inequality rise in democracies? Economic inequality is rising, and the United Nations reports that economic inequality impacts 70 percent of the world, even when we include democracies such as the US, UK, France, and Germany. Why does democracy not reduce economic inequality? According to democratic theories, giving everyone the vote and allowing…

  • Notes on Manza’s Essay “Political Inequality”

    Notes on Manza’s Essay “Political Inequality”

    Social Scientist Jeff Manza Explored Political Inequality Social scientist Jeff Manza wrote an article for Emerging Trends in the Social and Behavioral Sciences on “Political Inequality” (2015). This post, in politicalinequality.org, provides notes and critique of Jeff Manza’s article. Manza: Economic Inequality is Political Inequality The abstract of the essay makes the ubiquitous argument that…

  • POLINQ: Political Inequality and Political Voice across Nations and Time

    POLINQ: Political Inequality and Political Voice across Nations and Time

    What is POLINQ Political Inequality? POLINQ is an acronym for political inequality, defined as structured differences in political influence and its consequences. POLINQ is also the acronym of the National Science Foundation, Poland funded project (2016/23/B/HS6/03916), which ran from 2017 – 2022, with Joshua K. Dubrow as the Principle Investigator. POLINQ was housed at the…

  • Neoliberalism and Democracy

    Neoliberalism and Democracy

    Neoliberalism has degraded democracy through its ideological control over the economy, polity, and the cultural sphere.